touchpoint leaders

A collaborative approach to organisational development, leadership and team coaching

Senior people at the top of our businesses and institutions are working harder and longer – often sacrificing more and more of their lives to their leadership roles. At the same time, the early 21st century has witnessed an erosion of confidence and trust in business leaders - in their capacity to deliver sustained growth and improved quality of service, and in the integrity which underpins their decisions. More and more often leaders appear challenged by the apparent disconnect between their commitment and intent and the impact of their actions on their people, their clients and their business performance.

In responding to these challenges we draw on our collective experience of working with global leaders and their teams to bring a new focus to their leadership, helping them develop a relational lens that enables them to: 
  • Map the relationships across their business that will boost creativity and productivity
  • Identify the values and beliefs that form the anchors for action in their business
  • Make exponential impact on the business by shifting the way in which they connect with others
For further insights into Touchpoint Leadership we recommend you take a look at our new book, Touchpoint Leadership: Creating collaborative energy across teams and organisations (Kogan Page February 2013) which can be ordered through Amazon.

"The world has become much more interconnected, and if executives don’t know how to tap into the power of those connections, they’ll be left behind".
Herminia Ibarra and Morten T Hansen, Harvard Business Review July 2011