touchpoint leaders

Reviews of Touchpoint Leadership, the book

“Leaders in global businesses are always on the look out for ways to help them deal with the complexities of flat organisations, matrix structures, country, cultural and language differences - they want to crack the code on how to have their teams fully engaged. The concepts and models in Touchpoint Leadership provides a fresh approach that will help leaders make sense of the world in which they operate and offers some different ideas on how to they might proceed. The case study examples are wide ranging and offer practical insight on many leadership situations.” Gary Kildare, Global HR Officer IBM Technology Solutions.

“Leadership does not reside in leaders but in the relationships that leaders and followers create together to achieve a collective endeavour. Hilary Lines and Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes, two highly experienced leadership coaches, elucidate and illustrate with great insight what happens in the relationship at these points of meeting. They show how leaders can relate more effectively and what development and coaching can help them in this important task.” Peter Hawkins, Author, Professor of Leadership Henley Business School and Emeritus Chairman of Bath Consultancy Group.

“Organisations function, for better or worse, through the interaction of the people who work there. In this book the authors focus on those touch points, and through their experience and insight show us that awareness of our own humanity is the vital spark which brings leadership to life.” Bill Knight OBE, former senior partner Simmons & Simmons, deputy chairman of council at Lloyd's of London and chairman of the Financial Reporting Review Panel.