touchpoint leaders

What is Touchpoint Leadership?

Touchpoint Leaders build and facilitate relationships between people, groups and systems to provide energy, coherence and sustainable growth, embracing and nurturing difference as a source of value and innovation. They intentionally grow as leaders through their interactions with others, bringing a heightened awareness of personal, interpersonal and systems awareness in a way that generates collaboration and mutual accountability across the business.

Through our combined coaching, consultancy and inquiry work we work with leaders and their teams as they seek to transform their businesses by focusing on the ‘touchpoint’ of their connection with those they aspire to lead. We work with them to look closely at their own behaviours and beliefs, at how they relate and inspire others, and how they engender leadership across the critical ‘touchpoints’ within their business, and with key customers, partners and suppliers.

We provide a developmental framework for leaders across three domains:

  • The Personal Domain: The ability to bring our relational self to interactions with others, through acute self awareness, relational agility and clarity of value and purpose
  • The Interpersonal Domain: The ability to attend to what happens at the moment we connect with others – the touchpoint – and to adapt our presence and behaviour to ignite energy, affirm difference and to catalyse mutual learning, and
  • The Organisational Domain: The ability to take a systemic view of the connections that we need to make to create collaborative connection across the enterprise in which we work.

"By responding so intuitively, but expertly, to the people you work with you show how values and actions can be woven together"