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Who we are

Dr Jacqueline Scholes-Rhodes

Jacqui Scholes-RhodesJacqueline is a commercial practitioner with over twenty five years’ experience of working in large corporate environments where she has led and facilitated large-scale transformation across sectors. Her interest in the capacity of individuals to radically transform their lives and to re-connect with a sense of their ‘true’ self provided the basis for her PhD research in 2002. Since then she has further developed this inquiry approach as a powerful way of facilitating the connections between individuals, teams and groups who aspire to work in joined-up ways.

Jacqueline specialises in working in contexts of complex change, and is able to challenge the unspoken frameworks that hold both individuals and teams ‘stuck’ in unhelpful behaviours and beliefs.

In January 2011 she published a paper entitled “Exploring an extended role for coaching: through the eyes of an action researcher” in the Educational Journal of Living Theories (EJOLTS).


Dr Hilary Lines

Dr Hilary LinesHilary works as an executive and team coach, as a facilitator and trusted advisor in organisational change and as an innovator in leadership development. Her interest in the often paradoxical relationship between individual excellence and organisational success is grounded in her doctoral research, which looked at the organisational factors that create bridges and blocks to the integration of R&D scientists in industry. She has since helped professional services, pharmaceutical and NHS clients build collaboration among expert professional groups.

Hilary specialises in helping senior leaders work with conflict and difference within their teams. In working with leaders grappling with conflict and difference, Hilary helps people get beneath the surface of organisational relationship tensions, confront self limiting beliefs and perspectives and build resonant, productive and emotionally intelligent relationships which deliver business results.

Hilary is an executive coach Master Practitioner and faculty member in team coaching at Academy of Executive Coaching.